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Spruce Creative is an Ottawa creative marketing agency with heart. We are writers, digital marketing strategists, graphic designers and web developers committed to producing creative marketing strategies through services that are responsive to the needs of each client and project.

Our five interconnected service areas allow us to deliver projects ranging in scope from small one-off design jobs to large integrated national campaigns. Through our services we are committed to helping you build community by sharing your information, stories and ideas.

Explore our services and check out our expertise page to see how our creative marketing and design services have helped clients working in the areas of sports, arts and culture, infrastructure and community development, Indigenous relations and non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


Branding is about more than your logo. It’s about letting the world know what you do. It’s about understanding the unique value of your organization and expressing that value authentically through visuals and messaging. As one of our founders likes to say, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” We work with you to make sure that what people are saying is what you want.

When we do brand development, our brand strategists and graphic designers work closely with your organization to understand your unique value proposition (or create one) and then build on that to craft an identity that stands out. We’ll help you develop your value proposition, your messaging, your brand guidelines, and of course, we’ll design the perfect logo.

Here is an example of how we develop branding:


Marketing strategies vary from project to project, client to client. The key is understanding your goals. At the beginning of every project, our team works with you to understand your organizational and business goals so that they are the foundation of your strategy.

Whether you are trying to launch a campaign, recruit members, promote your event or increase awareness, our marketing strategies bring together all five of our service areas—branding, strategy, graphic design, web development and digital marketing—to map the journey that will help you reach your goals. A strong marketing strategy gets everyone on the path to reach these goals, and it outlines how we’ll support you along the way, from conception to implementation to hand-off (where applicable).

Here are examples of how we develop marketing strategies:


As an agency founded by a graphic designer, a commitment to good design is at our core—as is the understanding that getting there takes time, research, and the desire to think beyond the expected. With a diverse background in illustration, photography, print and digital design, our designers aren’t afraid to try something new to bring beautiful design to life.

From printed annual reports to online publications, from digital and print ads to poster design and social media graphics, no matter how big or niche the project, our designers will work closely with you to ensure that you capture the attention of your audience and visually engage your stakeholders.

Check out our graphic design projects:


We see websites as places to build relationships. It’s where your brand comes to life and where your vision and ideas are expressed. It’s where you tell your story (and stories) and where you communicate with your audience (and audiences). In short, it’s home base for any marketing strategy.

At Spruce, we are WordPress and HTML experts who are always looking for new ways to integrate innovative platforms, such as Nationbuilder and Shopify, to meet the needs of our clients. Whatever the approach, our web development process is tailored to you. We’ve built microsites for campaigns, redesigned old sites and built new ones from the ground up. Our goal is to help you get your message out and we’ll make sure your responsive, accessible website is designed to reach these goals through SEO research and optimization, UI and UX design and analytics.

Check out these clients whose website we have designed and optimised:


Having great design, a good message and knowing your audience is the first step in the marketing process. The next step is getting the message to your audience. Whether we’ve helped you develop a marketing strategy, or are supporting an existing campaign, we can help you reach your audience through a wide range of digital marketing and advertising approaches, including content marketing and social media engagement.

We’ll look at your project goals and help you determine which combination of organic marketing tactics, email – marketing, SEO optimization, web content development, social media engagement – or paid marketing tactics – Google Adwords, Facebook ads, traditional media advertising – are best suited to your project, and then we’ll help you run them. Our team of writers are also digital marketing experts who know how to tell a good story, craft it to suit your audience and get it out into the world so that people can find it.

See how we can help through digital marketing and advertising:

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